Board Members

2016-2017 School Year


Meghan McGuire President
Kristin Grimes Treasurer
Tricia Kendall Assistant Treasurer
Jenn Robinson Tax Accounting
Janis Ford Secretary
Katie Bratica Director of Program Operations
Tricia Callahan Enrichments Chair
Erin Cote Director of Public Relations
Ashley DePaolo and Sarah Ciano Newsletter Coordinators
Sandra Montesino and Sheri Elwell Membership Co-Chairs
Kelly Bulens and Tricia Kendall Warren PTO Co-Chairs
Lisa Tubin, Katie Bratica, Steph Greco Mindess PTO Co-Chairs
Sue Reap and Chris Watt AMS PTO Co-Chairs
Sue Reap and Chris Watt AHS PTO Co-Chairs



Enrichments and Fundraising Coordinators:

Tricia Callahan and Erin Early Warren Enrichments Coordinators
Sara Apke and Karen Reid Mindess Enrichments Coordinators
Sue Reap and Chris Watt AMS and AHS Enrichments Coordinators
Kim McGreal Mindess KNO Coordinator
Claudia Brown and Michelle Wilen KNO Volunteer Coordinators
Kerry Luoma-Fuellhart Metrowest College and Career Fair Coordinator
Stephanie Greco SCRIP Coordinator
Meghan McGuire Clocker Classic Coordinator
Erin Cote Amazon Coordinator
Katie Bratica Murder Mystery Dinner
Tracey Greenberg Labels and Boxtops for Education
Kristin Fitzsimons Square One Art